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Ponds & Fountains

Ponds & Fountains Adding a water feature to your garden or yard adds a very different dimension and perspective to the space. Ponds and fountains are very popularly used to add beauty to a landscape. In most cases these also become the focal point of the landscaping. It can be very relaxing to have some water element in the garden and flowing water adds a lot of tranquility to the place. In some cases, it can also be used to dull the sound of traffic if your home is situated in a busy area. The sound of trickling water can have a very restorative and therapeutic effect and soothes the senses.

The Beauty of Water Features

Ponds & Fountains Fountains look amazingly attractive in a courtyard or a front yard. These water features are available in a variety of materials, sizes, styles and concepts. If you so choose, you can also buy a pre-fabricated fountain or Landshapers Inc can custom design and install one for you. These can be wall-mounted, freestanding, tiered or disappearing.

You’re Style, Your Choice

The ones that you select will be dependent of factors such as garden style, space availability, and budget and maintenance considerations. If you have a very expansive garden or courtyard you can install a larger fountain at the center of the space and it becomes the primary focal point of the area. Complementing it can be a smaller fountain positioned strategically in another spot in the garden. This latter one becomes the accent element. The options that you can choose from are:

Ponds & Fountains
  • Pondless Fountains/Waterfalls - These re-circulating fountains/ do not have a pond at the base. Thus, you can enjoy the sound and the sight of cascading water without the bother of maintaining the pond. You will have to refill the reservoir only once every few weeks. These fountains or waterfalls are great space savers and are ideal for smaller garden spaces and in homes that have small children, where safety can be a concern.

  • Ponds - These are for individuals who strongly feel that water features are far more than mere decorative pieces. Ponds can add an amazing “live” feel to a garden. You can add water plants and fish to the ponds and this is what lends it that very alive feel. Any hands-on person who loves to maintain an interesting water feature should opt for a pond in their garden. However, you should be aware that these ponds are high-maintenance and expensive and you also have to take a lot of care and allocate enough time to look after the plants and fish.

We can provide you with the ponds and fountains of your choice. Simply call Landshapers, Inc. on 580-678-1134 or contact us at 3207 Outwest 67 St, Lawton, OK 73505. We also serve the surrounding cities like Duncan, Chikasha and Vernon.

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