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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance When you get the best landscape designs installed around your home and spend a significant amount of money on it, you also need to ensure that it is maintained equally well. Landscape maintenance is a very important part of ensuring that your garden stays looking verdant and colorful and that all the hardscape features also stay looking as attractive as the day they were installed.

Customized Services

Landshapers Inc provides the best and most cost-effective landscape maintenance services that will ensure that your garden and yard look beautiful always. We offer customized services and all your gardening and landscape maintenance needs are taken care of with due diligence. We use the latest equipment, the best fertilizers and cleaning products and make sure that your outdoor spaces look spruced up at all times. The integrated approach that we use also lowers your maintenance costs over a period of time. We offer services such as:

Landscape Maintenance
  • Aeration and Overseeding - Core aeration is an effective way of relieving compaction & promotes root development. It also thickens the lawn & reduces thatch even as it builds drought & disease resistance. Annual aeration ensures healthy and attractive lawns. We apply high quality grass-seed at the required rate that creates a thicker lawn.

  • Weekly Mowing - Weekly mowing ensures that the lawn looks and stays healthy. We also trim all the areas of the lawn that cannot be reached by a mower. The edges are also powered as required & the clipping is then blown from all the softscaping and hardscaping.

  • Landscape Maintenance Spring and Fall Cleaning - This includes blowing & raking of leaves as well as clearing of sticks/ debris that falls on decks, patios and hardscaping. The curb lines will be thoroughly cleaned of all the sand & salt during our routine landscape maintenance.

  • Shrub Pruning & De-Weeding - We also hand prune and shear all shrubs and plants that affords your garden a neat and even look. Regular pruning promotes healthy growth of shrubs and we will de-weed the lawn and flower beds as part of landscape maintenance.

All-Round Services

Apart from all these services we maintain other landscaping elements like irrigation, sprinklers, water features and refresh the gravel on the driveways as required. We handle the entire with a great deal of efficiency and expertise. For the best landscape maintenance, call Landshapers, Inc. on 580-678-1134 or contact us at 3207 Outwest 67 St, Lawton, OK 73505. We also serve the surrounding cities like Duncan, Chikasha and Vernon.

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