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Irrigation, Lawton, OK

Irrigation, Lawton, OK If you want to have reliable irrigation and sprinkler systems installed in your property, please call Landshapers, Inc. We are one of the few companies in Oklahoma that offer quality installation at affordable rates. You can take advantage of our expertise in this field by calling our hotline today.

Expert Irrigation Installers in Lawton

Our company has been installing top-notch irrigation systems for residential and commercial landscapes in Lawton, OK and other cities in the state. We also have experienced crews who are properly trained in the installation of various types of sprinkler systems. So even if your project requires complex systems, we can handle it and guarantee outstanding results.

At Landshapers, Inc., we have the right tools and equipment for this job. From excavating to installing the various components and accessories, our crews are equipped with task-appropriate tools to perform their jobs right the first time. Moreover, we carefully assess the needs of your landscape to ensure efficient systems. We take into account the size of the area, the topography, and the types of plantings installed. These pieces of information help us determine the most appropriate type to install.

In addition, property owners in the Lawton area choose us over other contractors because of our ability to install functional and efficient irrigation systems. We can provide this kind of service because of our decades of experience in installing and maintaining landscapes for our clients. Most of our completed projects include installation and maintenance of sprinklers.

Premium Quality Products and Accessories

Irrigation, Lawton, OK The great thing about hiring us is our use of premium quality products and accessories in all our projects. Whether the project involves sprinkler installation on a small lawn or installation of complex systems for a large landscape, we make sure that the materials used are sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. We never scrimp on the materials just to give you a lower project costing or increase our profit margin. We know that using sub-standard materials will compromise the integrity of the system and results in frequent maintenance works that can be costly on your part.

Some of the top-of-the-line irrigation products that we use for our installation projects are Rainbird, Toro, Hunter, and Irritrol. We highly recommend these brands because of their modern designs, use of the latest technologies, and durability. When used in your landscape, you can expect a fully functioning and efficient watering system.

Automated Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

We also install automated irrigation and sprinkler systems for property owners who want to reduce their utility expenses. The automated type is preferred by most homeowners in Lawton because of its set-and-forget features. The system can be set to function on a specified time and day or at a specific time interval. So even if you’re on a vacation, your landscape will still get its nourishment at the right time and interval.

Hire the Experts in Landscape Irrigation

At Landshapers, Inc., you are assured of efficient and low-maintenance irrigation systems. We know the type of sprinkler to use on your lawn and the perfect system to use for flower gardens and trees. With us, you don’t have to worry about over- or under-nourished landscape. Please drop by at our Lawton, OK office or call us now at 580-678-1134 to talk to one of our professional installers.

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