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Irrigation & Sprinklers

Irrigation & Sprinklers An irrigation system is an essential part of any landscape design. Planting gardens & installing lawns without a well-planned irrigation system, can turn out to be a very expensive mistake. The one way of making sure that the lawns and plants are watered well, is to have sprinklers installed. The automated sparkler systems that are available nowadays are a definite boon for homeowners, who are always strapped for time.

Distinct Benefits

Landshapers Inc are very experienced with installing all kinds of customized irrigation systems and sprinklers. We have years of experience in this space and our deep understanding about landscaping ensures that the right systems are installed on your property.

Sprinklers toss water very high into the air at a specified frequency and a light shower of water ensures that the vegetation stays well-watered and stays green & fresh. The automated sprinklers can be set to function at a particular time and offer numerous advantages:

  • They are very convenient and lawns get watered very effectively at regular intervals. You do not have to worry about spending hours dragging a hose around and watering the lawn and bushes
  • Irrigation & Sprinklers Once they have been set, the automatic sprinklers will work even when you are on vacation ( at the specified time)
  • It extends the life of your plants and reduces water wastage
  • They are a very good financial investment for homeowners and a well-maintained garden adds to the value of your property
  • You are able to do your bit for the environment by conserving water
  • You save a lot of money on landscape maintenance

Customized Irrigation Solutions

It is very important to have a well planned, customized and perfectly installed system. Our experienced personnel will survey your garden and the irrigation solution will be tailor-fit to your needs. When we handle this job for you, the entire project is carried out with the utmost efficiency.

Keep in mind that even a couple of days without water can cause a great deal of damage to your plants and lawns. We can help with the installation of the latest and the best irrigation system and sprinklers. Call Landshapers, Inc. on 580-678-1134 or contact us at 3207 Outwest 67 St, Lawton, OK 73505. We also serve the surrounding cities like Duncan, Chikasha and Vernon.

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