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Fencing Fencing can evoke very strong emotions in homeowners. A fence can either enclose or divide. Some homebuyers prefer to put up a fence on their property as soon as they move into it, as they have children and/or pets. There are times when a fence will also act as a border for your neighbor’s property and this is when you might have to be careful with fencing selection. Landshapers Inc can help with installation of all kinds of fences.

Types of Fencing

Redwood and cedar are very good choices for fencing. Both of these are lightweight materials and are insect and rot resistant. Neither of them necessarily required painting or staining and they weather to very attractive brown or gray finishes. Treated softwoods like pine have a certain amount of anti-rotting properties, but will have to be stained or painted.

Fencing Most municipal codes have certain set maximum-height limits for front, back & side fences, and it helps to check with officials, before the actual fencing installation takes place. Here are some of the fencing materials that you can choose from:

  • Wood pickets work very well for informal and airy fences. White picket fences look quintessentially American and provide a very welcoming look to your property
  • Metal Fencing can be very effective security barriers and decorative wrought-iron fences and gates can beautify and add value to your property
  • Chain-link fencing can also be used to demarcate residential properties. Its durable and far less expensive that most other options
  • Vinyl fencing is another option. It is an alternative to wood and was also originally manufactured to mimic wood. Today, there is a large variety in vinyl fencing and. “Plank” privacy fencing is available in different colors and styles. These are available in picket styles too and it does not require any staining or painting.

The Right Selection

Fencing We can help you with all types of fencing and also help you with making the best choice in terms of material. This selection may be based on:

  • The area that has to be covered
  • The climatic conditions
  • Durability
  • Budget

Once you contact us with your fencing requirement, our trained and experienced professionals carry out a detailed survey of your property and the areas that have to be fenced. We then provide you with a quote based on your specific budget and carry out the installation to perfection. For the best fencing, call Landshapers, Inc. on 580-678-1134 or contact us at 3207 Outwest 67 St, Lawton, OK 73505. We also serve the surrounding cities like Duncan, Chikasha and Vernon.

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