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Decks & Patios

Decks & Patios If you are deciding between installing a patio or a deck, you might also be wondering how the two of them differ. Decks are usually built above ground level, while patios are built on ground level. If you have any high outdoor space around your house and want to create an outdoor area, you will have to get a deck installed. Landshapers, Inc has years of experience with installation of the highest quality decks and patios. Let’s understand what these two elements are.

What is a Deck?

In essence, a low deck is an extension of your house- like an extended living room. It is an elevated floor of sorts that is covered by hardwood or some synthetic material. Just like houses, decks too have a string supporting structure. Decks are generally built adjacent/attached to the house; they are an amazing way of extending the indoor space of your home, which lends it an outdoor feel.

What is a Patio?

Decks & Patios Contrastingly, a patio is part of the yard. It will have a compacted base made of crushed stone above which there will be a layer of bedding sand. On top of that is a surface of imitation or natural stone. This structure is built from the ground up and does not have a structure below it. In most cases, patios are set at the grade level and will not have a step-down to the yard. They are in fact a part of your yard and are considered to be hardscape.

Other Differences

These differences between decks and patios alter the atmosphere that each of these creates, the manner in which they are used and how people feel about them. There are certain practical implications too. There are some legal considerations that have to be understood. Some towns and cities consider decks to be installations that need inspections and permits and they might be assessed and taxed accordingly. They also have to be set- back at minimum distances from the property lines. Certain requirements that have to be met as far as their construction is concerned. On the other hand, it’s simpler to have a patio. No inspections, no permits, no setbacks, no taxes and no construction rules. They are just considered to be an element of your yard

The Cost Factor

Decks tend to be more expensive than most patios. It’s the structure, footings and the rails that push up the cost of the former but this additional cost also ups the value of your home. For the best decks and patios, call Landshapers, Inc. on 580-678-1134 or contact us at 3207 Outwest 67 St, Lawton, OK 73505. We also serve the surrounding cities like Duncan, Chikasha and Vernon.

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