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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Lawton, OK

The outdoor areas on your property add to the beauty and functionality of the space and you use them to spend some leisurely moments and entertain friends in. However, you would be able to use your garden and yard in an optimal manner only when they are illuminated well and your landscapers will provide custom solutions based on your specific needs.

Landshapers Inc. provides custom landscape maintenance services to scores of customers in and around Lawton, Marlow, Duncan, Fort Sill as well as Apache. They also cater to residential and commercials customers in and around Walters, Lindsay, Frederick, Altus and Chickasha. The wide ranges of landscape lighting services they provide include:

Outdoor Lighting

When you are planning the outdoor lighting on your property, care should be taken to ensure that every space has the right kind of fixtures. Garden lighting is always a mix of floodlights, lamp posts, paver lights, wall lights, recessed and ambient lighting. All these fixtures have to be used in the right proportion, to ensure there is a very cohesive look on the property. The landscapers will ensure that all the lighting elements are installed well and that high quality materials are used in the work.

Outdoor LED Lighting

The outdoor lighting on your property adds to the safety, aesthetics and functionality of the garden and yard areas of your property and allows you to use the space more functionally even after dark. However, it has to be planned well and the focus has to be on ensuring that every space is well lit.

While this is a very important aspect, it’s also important to ensure that the light fittings are energy-efficient and this is where LED lights come into the picture. These are 80% more energy-efficient than any standard lights, and they also provide years of service. It’s true that the upfront cost of these bulbs and fittings is higher; they provide value in the long term.

Low Voltage Lighting

When you have any landscape lighting, you want to be able to use them in the best possible way even in the evening hours and the night. This is why you install so many different types of lights. However, all this lighting also uses a lot of power and that increases your utility costs. The one way to bring down these costs without impacting the lighting aspect is to get low voltage lighting installed. This includes LED light fittings, transformers, relays, sensor security lights and more.

When all these types of fixtures are used in the right measure and installed by experts they will make beautiful features. We use only the best materials that add to the energy-efficiency of your lighting scheme. Skilled landscapers will plan all these things well, will ensure that the quality components are used in the work and that you get the kind of lighting features you want at pricing that fits right into your budget.

Creating stunning landscapes takes creativity, knowledge, experience as well as the right kind of resources. This is why it’s important to hire the services of a well-established company such as Landshapers Inc. for the job.

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